Sponsors & Partners

OPTEC OPTEC is a supplier of high-tech solutions for science, education, industry and medicine. Continuing and developing the activity begun by the Carl Zeiss Company, more than 17 years OPTEC represents the high quality equipment of world leaders in the field of technologies and innovations in Russia, the CIS countries, Ukraine and Republic of Georgia. OPTEC solutions include various optical and electron-optical equipment: light, laser scanning and electron microscopes; nanotechnology systems; electron and ion-beam lithography systems; systems of chemical spectroscopic analysis; atomic-force microscopes, analytical x-ray equipment, devices and software for pathanatomical laboratories.
Santen As a specialized pharmaceutical company engaged in the ophthalmic field, Santen has established a paramount position in Japan's prescription ophthalmic pharmaceutical market and has expanded into the global market. Santen has been present in Europe for nearly 20 years and is continuing to strengthen its position in further countries so that all patients and health care professionals can have access to our innovative treatments.
R-Optics R-Optics is the ophthalmic equipment company, offering the eye pathologies diagnostics and microsurgery equipment, as well as necessary additional accessories, intraocular lenses and supplies. R-Optics provides ophthalmology institutions and clinics with complex equipment offering a wide range of equipment and meeting the needs of organizations: from Federal and regional healthcare institutions to private clinics.
Iris-m Iris-M Company provides a full range of services from initial product consulting, formation of commercial proposals and technical specifications to the equipment installation (including maintenance and training of medical personnel). Highly qualified specialists perform individual selection of equipment and supplies based on marketing product analysis and taking into account the specialization, wishes and budget of the medical institution.
Tradomed Invest Successfully cooperating with such companies as Keeler (UK), Ocular instruments (USA), F. I. S. O. (Italy), UNICOS (Korea) and others, the company TRADOMED INVEST offers the most complete range of diagnostic, surgical equipment, supplies and microsurgical tools, software, training simulators for ophthalmology. TRADOMED INVEST is the exclusive distributor of more than 20 well-known manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies and microsurgical instruments, such as SCHWIND (Germany), MORIA (France), IRIDEX (USA), Optovue (USA), OD-OS (Germany), C. S. O. (Italy), Geuder (Germany), Valon LASERS (Finland), CenterVue (Italy), ELLEX (Australia), OPTOTEK (Slovenia), MOVU (Japan), TearLab (USA), BVI – Endo Optics (USA), MEDA (China), Adaptica (Italy), Diopsys (USA), ARCADOPHTA (France), Network Medical (UK), HAI Laboratories (USA), METROVISION (France), VR Magic (Germany), Merge (IBM healthcare) (USA) in Russia and CIS countries.
Intelmed JSC IntelMed is one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment in the Russian market, specializing in the complex equipment of medical institutions and medical centers of any profile. Intelmed is the official partner of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment: Tomey (Japan), GE Healthcare (USA), Icare (Finland), Johnson&Johnson (USA), Natus Newborn Care (Clarity MS) (USA), Alson (USA), BOWA (Germany), Nouvag (Switzerland), Merivaara (Finland), Olympus (Japan), Draeger (Germany) and many others.
Sentiss Incorporated in 1990, Sentiss is committed to providing the best quality pharmaceutical products primarily in the Ophthalmic, ENT and Inhalation segments. Over the past 25 years, by exhibiting commitment and showcasing our winning culture, Sentiss has evolved tremendously and is recognized as the third best Ophthalmic Company (IMS 2015) in Russia. Sentiss’ footprint on the world map is a testimony to its quality philosophy and practice of product differentiation. Sentiss strives to be a global leader in its core segment and continues to expand its operations in Russia, CIS, Europe, USA and Indian markets.
Novartis International Novartis International AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies by both market capitalization and sales. Novartis is a full member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA),[3] the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA),[4] and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).
Stormoff STORMOFF N.R.W. GmbH is proud to offer our partners assistance in many areas, including the complex equipment of medical institutions, the manufacture of medical equipment under the DIXION trademark, the design and construction of healthcare and other social infrastructure facilities,the selection and recruitment of personnel and staff training. STORMOFF N.R.W. GmbH has far-reaching experience in managing projects of any level of difficulty — from equipping single medical stations to designing, constructing and equipping major hospitals.
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