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Tradomed Invest Successfully cooperating with such companies as Keeler (UK), Ocular instruments (USA), F. I. S. O. (Italy), UNICOS (Korea) and others, the company TRADOMED INVEST offers the most complete range of diagnostic, surgical equipment, supplies and microsurgical tools, software, training simulators for ophthalmology. TRADOMED INVEST is the exclusive distributor of more than 20 well-known manufacturers of medical equipment, supplies and microsurgical instruments, such as SCHWIND (Germany), MORIA (France), IRIDEX (USA), Optovue (USA), OD-OS (Germany), C. S. O. (Italy), Geuder (Germany), Valon LASERS (Finland), CenterVue (Italy), ELLEX (Australia), OPTOTEK (Slovenia), MOVU (Japan), TearLab (USA), BVI – Endo Optics (USA), MEDA (China), Adaptica (Italy), Diopsys (USA), ARCADOPHTA (France), Network Medical (UK), HAI Laboratories (USA), METROVISION (France), VR Magic (Germany), Merge (IBM healthcare) (USA) in Russia and CIS countries.
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Théa he Théa story is closely linked to that of the Chibret family, which placed its imprint on ophthalmology by helping to discover and distribute new products. 150 years dedicated to ophthalmology. Théa is unique because yesterday there was a family, a story, and today there are two managers, determined to fulfil their family destiny to the full. More than ever, Théa intends to remain loyal the Chibret family tradition, which has made its contribution to European ophthalmology from generation to generation.
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Stormoff We deliver medical equipment produced by DIXION as well as equipment made by the world's leading manufacturers to more than 50 countries around the globe. Given the differences in the healthcare systems of Europe, Asia and Africa, we offer our partners customised solutions in different price categories. This individual approach allows us to optimally benefit thousands of clients all over the world.
Iris-m Iris-M Company provides a full range of services from initial product consulting, formation of commercial proposals and technical specifications to the equipment installation (including maintenance and training of medical personnel). Highly qualified specialists perform individual selection of equipment and supplies based on marketing product analysis and taking into account the specialization, wishes and budget of the medical institution.
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