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6th Baikal ophthalmology conference “Interdisciplinary approaches to the treatment of diabetes”

On December 9, 2016 in Irkutsk 6th Baikal all-Russian scientific and practical ophthalmology conference “Interdisciplinary approaches to the treatment of diabetes” with international participation began its work “. The main theme of the conference – the use of innovative technologies in the treatment of eye diseases in diabetes — a disease in which vital organs are affected, including the eyes.

Results of the conference

The conference was to bring scientific assistance to the polyclinic specialists. The conference was devoted to the problem of early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. This disease takes the first place due to blindness and disability. The number of patients with diabetes is growing catastrophically, and most importantly, people of working age and children. That is why not only ophthalmologists, but also endocrinologists and therapists were invited to the conference. Members of the all – Russian expert Council on glaucoma, leading Russia ophthalmology, leading professors of Germany, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities were invited as speakers.

During the conference, about 20 reports and clinical cases were presented. Together with ophthalmologists, endocrinologists and therapists the main stages of implementation of theoretical knowledge in daily practice were outlined.

The conference discussed eye diseases, often leading to complete loss of vision, such as retina degeneration, thrombosis and embolism of retinal vessels, diabetic lesions of the fundus.

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