Boutique-Hotel «Marussia» Boutique-Hotel «Marussia» is located in the historical center of the city; the most popular pedestrian area – the «130th kvartal». The kvartal consists of various architectural and historical monuments, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. In a walking distance: galleries, museums, public transportation stops, pharmacies, cinemas, large shopping and entertainment complexes «Modnyy kvartal» and “Komsomol”, as well as the quay with a beautiful view of the Angara River – the daughter of Lake Baikal.
International Hotel SAYEN 4* International Hotel SAYEN 4* – is an up-to-date and hi-technology hotel located in the heart of Irkutsk downtown. The design of the hotel was developed by a famouse Japanese architect Shigeo Nakamura. The name SAYEN is translated as "a beautiful blossoming garden", and the words "International Hotel" mean that the business hotel is working according to the international standards of a hotel service.